Delivering solutions for agricultural chemical and industrial chemical.

Put your shipping needs in the hands of SL Southern Logistics to make sure company-owned assets are shipped on-time to your destination.

Track long-haul truck shipment with precise tracking system (GPS)

Unparalleled logistic capabilities even in restricted areas in short period of time.

24/7 trucking support to solve trucks problem and able get it back on the road.

Outstanding Fulfilment Every Step Of The Way

SL Southern Logistics’ dedicated team addresses the specific needs of your business – constant connectivity, proactive management, regulatory compliance, and peerless customer service – so your assets can be delivered on time, every time. Whether you’re shipping complex agricultural chemical or industrial chemical to be transported from one destination to another, we’re equipped with the right team, equipment and transportation services to meet your needs.

Our Specialities

Agricultural & Industrial Chemical

Having SL Southern Logistics manage your transportation gives you more control and confidence that your pesticides, fertilizers and industrial chemical will get where they need to be safely and on time.

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Transportation & Shipping Solutions

SL Southern Logistics offers wide freight shipping options for domestic truck shipments. We keep track our trucks on the road using real-time tracking system to ensure on-time delivery of your goods.

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Third-Party Warehousing

Enhance your warehouse management system with our third-party warehouse inventory solutions. We have warehouse management system to manage your inventory, keeping an accurate count and location of raw materials and finished goods.

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Our Notable Clients