• About Us

SL Southern Logistics is Malaysia’s emerging freight transportation provider specialises in delivering agricultural chemical and industrial chemical.

Incorporated in 2015, our team comprises of passionate individuals devoted to making a positive impact in transportation and logistics industry by providing efficient logistics solutions from domestic trucking to warehousing services.

Moving products from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between facilities and to distributors, can be challenging. Besides, that process requires skilled transportation professionals to minimise risks to your shipments.

That’s why SL Southern Logistics is the preferred choice for agricultural chemical and industrial chemical companies for a dependable transportation and logistics provider who offers high-quality transportation services, superb shipment management, and technical expertise in all areas of transportation logistics.

We are also a licensed transportation for agricultural chemical and industrial chemical. This enables us to show our expertise, commitment and to provide superior service to our customers.

Whether your need is to deliver agricultural goods, or warehousing solutions, you can trust SL Southern Logistics’ remarkable logistics capabilities to deliver your assets on time.

Our Vison

  • To be the premier transportation and logistics of choice in Malaysia.

Our Mission

  • To deliver an unrivalled logistics services ranging from agricultural chemical and industrial chemical, transportation and shipping solutions and third-party warehousing.
  • To preserve a green environment by properly handling of pesticides, fertilisers and industrial chemical for a sustainable future.

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